Interview of Efraín Jiménez Vice President of RedMX With Neida Sandoval


Recently and on the occasion of the work tour made by the President of Mexico Enrique Peña Nieto through the American Union; Efraín Jiménez, Vice President of the Mexican Network of Migrant Leaders and Organizations (RedMX) was in a radio interview in the listened to program of the journalist Neida Sandoval.

During the interview, Efraín addressed the positions of President Peña Nieto regarding immigration policies, both in the United States with fellow nationals, and those that have been implemented in Mexico with Central American migrants in transit.

Efraín Jiménez highlighted the need for consistency since the existing public policies in Mexico may not be adequate. He pointed out that the figure of the migrant has not been understood both in Mexico and in the United States, which far from any negative avatar that has been created recently, are a symbol of opportunity. However, he also recognized a certain openness on the part of the Mexican president to welcome the concerns of the Mexican community in the United States.