Forum Mexico II

The Mexico II Forum aims to establish a dialogue, articulation mechanisms and work agendas in order to contribute to the construction and improvement of the Mexico Agenda, with a special emphasis on the construction of agreements that impact public policies and work plans of the actors involved. The ultimate goal of this will be to contribute to achieving recognition and full respect for the human, economic, and political rights of Mexican citizens on a binational basis.

The Mexican Network of Leaders and Organizations of Migrants (Red MX) was born in 2007 as a result of a process of dialogue and the construction of a shared political agenda between leaders of different organizations of natives and community organizations called Agenda Mexico. In 2010, a series of meetings were held mainly in California and Illinois, as they are the regions of the United States (USA) with the highest concentration of organized migrants, where the urgency to articulate an advocacy agenda and strategy both in Mexico and Mexico was evident. like in the US. Dozens of topics of interest and concern arose in the aforementioned meetings. In order to address them, it was proposed to synthesize them into 9 topics, which will not necessarily be the only ones to be addressed: (1) human rights; (2) political rights of Mexicans abroad; (3) citizen security; (4) Mexican immigration reform; (5) transparency and accountability; (6) migrant-government dialogue; (7) inclusive economic development; (8) productive projects; and (9) education.